Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Living Books - The Carrot Seed

Through researching home school materials, I have learned about Charlotte Mason's method of teaching. Simply, she emphasized being outdoors and experiencing God's creation firsthand. She also encouraged "living books" that come alive to the reader, teaching valuable lessons along the way. There are tons of book lists online, so each week at story time I have been combing the library shelves in search of these living books. What treasures we have found! I hope to share some of our favorites over the next weeks and the lessons we are learning from them. The first is:

Summary: A little boy plants a carrot seed, but his family repeatedly tells him that it will not come up. He continues to care for it by pulling weeds and watering the ground, even though he cannot see any growth. Then eventually one day, it comes up!

Lessons: Despite discouragement, continue to believe and work toward what is within you. At times, people may say "there is no God, you cannot see Him." If you continue to believe and nurture the seed of belief He has planted in you, one day you will reap the reward.

The lesson I learned for myself, was that if God has given me a dream, I should continue to believe and work toward that dream (even if I don't see the fruit yet.) Just like the little boy; he believed, worked, and after time, he reaped. What a lesson for the young and old!

Bible Parallel: The story of Noah who continued to work toward what God called him to do, despite ridicule. His faith and hard work saved his life and his family.


  1. Great Post! I love books and I am always searching different book recommendation list. I have seen this one but haven't read it yet. I'm putting it on the top of my list.

    1. Krista, it is a very short book, but a great message. It really is an easy way to explain our faith in God. We may not physically see Him, but one day we will if we keep believing. Hope your girls enjoy it as much as we have.

  2. A wonderful lesson that is so true. Your mother and I are so proud of our little girl,that has grown up to be such a wonderful mother for our little grands.

  3. Thank you for the support Daddy, I love you!