Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Give When you Barely Have Anything Left

I was catching up on my read the Bible through and came to the story of Elijah and the widow at Zarephath located in 1 Kings 17. There had been drought. A widow was starving and barely keeping herself and her son alive. She only had a handful of flour and a little oil, yet God was asking her to feed Elijah. She was to give what little she had left. Elijah told the widow, "Don't be afraid." The Lord said that her flour would not be used up nor her oil run dry, until the rain returned.
We live in a time where we literally give or spend all that we have, almost to the point where we have nothing left or that we are eager to protect what we have left. Our time, money, energy, and physical goods, we run them down until they are spent. So what happens when we feel God asking us to give of those things? Do we do it with faith and trust that He will provide? Or do we hoard it for our own good? Just as the Lord provided for the widow who was faithful, He will provide for us who are faithful.

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  1. I love to give and reach out to people that need help. My mom always called me the nuturing type of person. I never expect anything in return. I just love that feeling that you get when you reach out, and give.